San Diego

Pets Have Their Day on a Beautiful Bay

San Diego Pet Day on the Bay, a festive Fido fundraiser, will take to the waves for a cute cruise.

San Diego Pet Day on the Bay

What to Know

  • "Pirates & Mermaids" dog cruises will set sail on Saturday, April 23
  • Dogs sail for free on the City Cruises outing; canine costumes are encouraged, and several sweet happenings are part of the fun
  • Helen Woodward Animal Center is the beneficiary

OUR SCRITCHABLE SWEETIES? They love a cuddle on the couch. Tugging on a toy, with you holding one end, is just about their favorite activity ever. And water? They lap it, splash in any rainy day puddle they find, and, if they're feeling it, belly flop into the nearest pool, all to show off their dog-paddling skills. But opportunities to join your joy-bringing bestie on the wider water are fairly few, and you're not even sure where to look for such a Lassie-friendly lark. Here's one sweet solution, and it has tons of glee and give-back cred: San Diego Pet Day on the Bay. The fun-in-the-sun fundraiser helps the Helen Woodward Animal Center of Rancho Santa Fe, which receives a portion of the proceeds. Dogs are welcome to join, and several do, rocking costumes that boast an oceanic aura.

SATURDAY, APRIL 23... is the 2022 date for this longtime delight, and the houndly happenings aboard the City Cruises boat will be plentiful. Kahoots is supplying the doggie snacks, adoption guidance from Helen Woodward Animal Center pros will be freely provided, and a snack bar with sips and bites? That's part of the scene, too. As for the scene beyond the boat? You'll sail by dozens of San Diego landmarks, and have the opportunity to learn more about "local environmental efforts." Picture-cute moments? Those are numerous, too. You'll want to select your time, while noting that some of the day's cruises will head for the north bay, and others for the south.

AN ADULT TICKET... is $33, but do check out all the ticketing tiers. Oh yes: And your pup can join the joyful event, which boasts a "Pirates & Mermaids" theme, for free.

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