Raise a Fluke for Whalefest Monterey

Spend a Saturday, a Sunday, or the whole whale-loving weekend at this blowhole-big migration bash.

Whalefest Monterey

SENDING A VALENTINE... to your favorite whale? Not going to happen because A) a Valentine's Day card would immediately get soggy, and probably unreadable, in the ocean water and B) gray whales near the California coast are busy migrating during the winter. And should we add C)? That you couldn't possibly pick a favorite whale, because you love them all so very much? Here's one way to show your affection, without the damp Valentine's card: By swinging by Old Fisherman's Wharf and Custom House Plaza on Jan. 25 and 26, 2020. For that's when...

WHALEFEST MONTEREY... will bring its proverbial fluke down, with a celebratory splash, and fans of water-based mammalia will gather to raise the roof. And by "raise the roof" we do mean enjoy the "free, fun and educational interactive family event," one that is meant for "all ages." The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and its incredible array of critters is the festive focus, so look for booths full of information as well as "world-renowned marine experts" who will be nearby to talk all things whale-y. Again, the price is of the pay-nothing variety, though if you choose to hop on a boat for a whale-watching tour, that will have a fee. Need more? Raise your fluke high and swim for this detail-filled site now.

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