Spring for Livermore Libations at This Barrel Bash

We're a half a year away from harvest, the perfect time for a relaxed wine country weekend.

Livermore Valley Barrel Tasting Weekend

What to Know

  • March 21 and 22, 2020
  • 30+ wineries
  • $45 advance, $55 there

AUTUMN OR SPRING? We wouldn't dare ask you to choose between two very fine seasons, each with their own distinctive merits, but we will ponder aloud about which one draws more attention when it comes to wine country events. You probably just shouted "autumn," with gusto, if you're given to shouting answers with gusto, and your gusto would be well-placed. For harvest time, around September, is prime time for a host of happenings on and near vineyards. But springtime in wine country is full of pleasures, and the pace is a little less hectic, too. Think of all of the soft green leaves lining new limbs, and the many tiny buds popping up, with promises of a ripe summer and fall to come. It just so happens that a...

LIVERMORE FESTIVITY... is primed to occur over the first weekend of springtime, on March 21 and 22, bringing out lovers of lovely libations as well as those who like to call upon the area's fine wineries when a half year from harvest times hustle and bustle. It's the Livermore Valley's 12th Annual Barrel Tasting Weekend, and some 34 regional wineries will be on board. What does "be on board" mean? Vino-loving visitors can join a host of "educational activities," including "wine blending, aroma bars and bee keeping." If you'd rather sip and stay low-key, stop by a winery that has live music or arts & crafts to admire. And along the way? Sipping, of the most splendid sort, shall be the centerpiece.

AN ADVANCE TICKET... is $45, while a ticket bought there is $55. As for the Painted Barrel Trail? That's back, so keep your eyes peeled for the beautiful barrels in front of the wineries you visit. There's a raffle, too, if you'd like to win one. Cheers to you, and good luck, too, because that would be quite the conversation-starter to have at home.

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