Sunnylands Honors Día de los Muertos

The expansive gardens of the Rancho Mirage cultural institution are open. Look for altars, displays, and more to be on view through Sunday, Nov. 1.

Gabriel Perez

A SPREAD OF SUCCULENTS, a shade-lovely tree, a span of grass, a wending walkway, a cooling water feature? You can find all of those eye-nice elements, and so many more marvels, around the spacious and historic Sunnylands Center & Gardens in Rancho Mirage. But, almost as often, the visitor will also come across a sublime sculpture, an intriguing installation, or a garden-gracing piece that prompts the viewer to ponder, to pause, and to go a little deeper within. That will be happening around the cultural destination's expansive outdoor area...

THROUGH SUNDAY, NOV. 1: Sunnylands is currently presenting a five-day art-and-altar happening that's part of the larger Coachella Valley Days of Los Muertos. "As an observation of Día de Los Muertos, community groups have been invited to erect ofrendas, or altars, representing their organizations in the gardens," the Sunnylands staffers shared. "Local artists are adding their talents to the mix this year, decorating colorful nichos (shadow boxes) that also will be placed amid the aloes, agaves, and palo verde trees."

WHILE THE CENTER IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED, or rather its interior galleries remain shuttered for now, the nine-acre garden is open for strolling and is free to visit every Wednesday through Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 o'clock. If you've been longing for a Sunnylands-style saunter, and eager to experience the beauty and mystery of marigold-bedecked altars and displays featuring meaningful mementos, be sure to call upon the gardens through the first day of November. It's an occasion full of opportunities to reflect, to connect to the past and to the people we love, and to look within as we spend a few minutes outdoors.

READ MORE... about the venue's safety protocols before planning your garden stroll.

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