Catalina Island

Take a Throwback Jaunt to Catalina Island

Hilarious history lover Charles Phoenix will host a virtual spin around the enchanted isle, complete with old-school slides and stories.


What to Know

  • Saturday, April 10 at 6 p.m.
  • $25 or $40 ("to help keep Catalina artsy and fun")
  • The presentation can be viewed for 48 hours after the live performance

THE CATALINA ISLAND MUSEUM... has long been known as a fantastic repository of art, culture, artifacts of all sorts, and stories that uplift, bewitch, and cause us to ponder deeply. But there's a zazzy side to the Avalon-based institution, one that embraces a lively outlook, a kitschier viewpoint, and a big dose of delight, too. And who better to lead that cheerful charge than Charles Phoenix, that Americana-smart, SoCal-knowing historian who adds verve and dash to all of this live performances? Those before-your-eyes entertainment presentations have moved online since the spring of 2020, and the droll Mr. Phoenix has a new one in store on the second Saturday of April. Welcome to...

CATALINALAND, a buoyant look-back at the fabled island, its movie star bison, its big band dances, and how it keeps its sepia-toned flair even today. "With his trademark enthusiasm and spectacular collection of images, Phoenix will share stories and glories of the S.S. Avalon, glass bottom boat, flying fish, Bird Park, Catalina Pottery, vintage graphics, souvenirs, Wrigley family, the mysterious Catalina-shaped swimming pool, iconic 1929 Casino, and much more," vows a statement about the sunshiny spectacular. A ticket? You can pay $25, and watch for 48 hours following the live presentation, or go for the $40 ticket, which will "help keep Catalina fun and artsy" (a portion will benefit the Catalina Island Museum, sweet). Tickets? Sail your own glass-bottomed boat to this site now.

CATALINA ISLAND... has reopened to visitors, and that includes the Catalina Island Museum, which is welcoming guests at a limited capacity.

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