The Famous Flower Fields in Carlsbad Are in ‘Full Bloom'

Repeat: The stunning span of famous Giant Tecolote Ranunculus have hit their spectacular peak as April revs up.

The Flower Fields

What to Know

  • Carlsbad Ranch
  • 50 acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus
  • Advance tickets are required; April 3 is sold out but tickets (at this typing) are available for April 4

THE OUTDOORS? If you're basking in the sunshine, or savoring a lightly misty morning, or breathing in a soft evening, you're in a good place. That said? There are those fresh-air'd expanses that seem more memorable than most, and if you're talking about The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch, you're referencing a place that is on the bucket lists of plenty of blossom-seeking nature lovers, both in California and far beyond. For the spacious spot is known for its Giant Tecolote Ranunculus, some 50 acres of them, in fact, and when these blossoms burst? It's like a Technicolor show, on dazzling display under the dazzling sun, with colors so saturated they easily out-vibrant any humanmade hue. And the know-it-now news as April kicks off?

PEAK BLOOM HAS ARRIVED... at The Flower Fields as the first weekend of the fourth month rolls out. Tickets for Saturday, April 3 sold out in a jiffy, but, as of mid-afternoon on April 2, there were tickets available for Sunday, April 4. An advance ticket is required, as are face masks, and you'll want to read up on the safety guidelines in place for all visitors. There are more than 70,000 million (yes, million) flowers on the property, if you feel as though you haven't had your fill of flowers this season quite yet. Missing a wildflower-seeking adventure? These cultivated beauties are a must-see, at least once. Bloom will extend beyond the first weekend of April, but, of course, not only for two or three weeks; find out more on the social pages of The Flower Fields now.

THE GOOD WORD FROM THE FLOWER FIELDS? General Manager, Fred Clarke shares, "Guests are happy to be outside enjoying the fresh air; we saw our best attendance over Spring Break. We’re really happy the advanced online reservation system is working well and people are planning ahead to ensure they get their spot!" Want more good news? Mr. Clarke continues: "The flowers must be feeding off the energy and excitement of our guests because these flowers are stunning and at their finest. The farming team has shared that this is a rare event — the first three weeks of April are going to be a treat for The Flower Fields visitor as this is the first time is in many years that all 55-acres will be blooming simultaneously." Sweet.

Pictured: A previous year's bloom at The Flower Fields

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