The Living Desert Hopes to Plant 10,000 Seeds in Honor of Earth Day

Join "A Pollinator Plant Party" at the Palm Desert destination and help a caboodle of critters from home, such as the beautiful Monarch butterfly.

The Living Desert

What to Know

  • "10,000 Seeds: A Pollinator Plant Party" at The Living Desert in Palm Desert; admission or membership required
  • Guests can plant seeds to take home, all to add a pollinator-friendly plant to their own gardens; seed-planting will take place daily through April 23
  • On Earth Day, which is April 22, conservation stations will dot the destination from 9 a.m. to noon; look for animal trading cards and other cute activities

WE TAKE MEMORIES HOME WITH US... after an educational and uplifting visit to an animal park. We remember the giraffes we admired, and the strange succulents that wowed us, and our time marveling at the noble desert tortoise? That's going to stick with us forever. But sometimes, if Earth Day is on the horizon and a special event is on the breeze, we might take something else home, the sort of "souvenir" that can help critters for weeks, months, or even years to come. Look to The Living Desert, where an Earth Month event is sending planted seeds home with zoo visitors. The 10,000 Seeds: A Pollinator Plant Party project is encouraging guests to "join in the fun and take action to help protect deserts by planting pollinator-friendly, drought-resistant seeds to take home to their gardens." Sweet stuff, and a gift that will keep on giving for a long time to come.

A FEW POLLINATOR PLANTS, including Monarch-pleasing milkweed, are on the 2023 lineup. Think of the gorgeous growers that thrive in desert environments while helping a host of beasties including bats and birds (in addition to butterflies). Sand verbena and desert marigold are two other floral favorites, as well as desert bluebell and Mojave lupine. "The 10,000 Seeds: A Pollinator Plant Party and Earth Day celebration will share the importance of pollinators with our community and inspire them to take action," said Dr. Anna Young, Director of Education Engagement. "Through different stations and hands-on activities, you can learn how to make a positive environmental impact with simple, everyday actions. And by planting pollinator seeds, we can help create essential habitats for critically important species, such as monarchs."

FLUTTER BY THE LIVING DESERT... to learn about everything happening on Earth Day at the Palm Desert animal park, the 10,000 Seeds project, and more give-back goodness.

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