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This Glowing Paso Robles Realm Is Holding Its First Photo Contest

Have a sublime "Sensorio" snapshot? Share it via Instagram and possibly win a cash prize.

Photography by Serena Munro

What to Know

  • "Sensorio: Field of Light" opened in Paso Robles in spring 2019; the "Light Towers" joined the sizable artwork in 2021
  • The large-scale outdoor installation was created by artist Bruce Munro
  • Share your fabulous photos taken in "Field of Light" and the installation's "Light Towers"; the top prize is $1,000 and the deadline is Jan. 31

PHOTOS OF FANTASY: If you've visited "Sensorio," artist Bruce Munro's iconic illuminated wonderland, then chances as strong that you snapped a few pictures. Scratch that: You likely took a considerable caboodle of photographs, but how could you not? The eveningtime enchantment, which arrived on the Central Coast in May 2019, has become famous for its alluring glow, thanks to thousands of small and shimmering "flowers" that dot the rolling Paso Robles hills. Once home, you likely showed your snapshots to a few friends, who may have wondered if you passed through a magical portal to some distant and dazzling land. In short: Finding an incredible image of this superb art installation really isn't too hard to do, but what if you had to pick your personal best-of-the-best picture, the photo that may net you an impressive sum?

THE TIME IS NOW, for the first Sensorio Photo Contest is now open. You can start by looking through the snaps you took while visiting both "Field of Light" and the "Light Towers" and find your favorites. How to enter? "Photo(s) must be posted on your Instagram account for entry- the 5 photos with the most likes will be posted on our Instagram @Sensoriopaso for the final poll!" is the word from the "Sensorio" team. You can enter a maximum of two photos by the Jan. 31 deadline: One taken in the "Field of Light" and one among the "Light Towers." But you say that you haven't taken any "Sensorio" snapshots yet as you're still dreaming of a visit to this straight-from-a-storybook landscape? The people behind this pretty Paso place have suggested Valentine's Day as an ideal time to visit. And who knows? If there is another contest next year, maybe the pictures you take on Valentine's will go on to win first prize.

photo: "Field of Light at Sensorio," copyright 2019 Bruce Munro. All rights reserved. Photography by Serena Munro

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