Cherry Valley

This Popular Lavender Festival Will Now Sprout Later in the Day

Savor fields of purply beauty at sunset, and into the evening, at 123 Farm.

Francesco Riccardo Iacomino

What to Know

  • Lavender Festival at Highland Springs Ranch & Inn's 123 Farm in Cherry Valley
  • May 5 through July 23 (select dates); the 2023 festival will take place during new hours, from 5 to 10 p.m.
  • Entry is free during the "pre-bloom" period (May 5-21); $15 advance adult admission after May 21 (other ticketing tiers are available); parking is additional; walk-ups welcome for the price of an online ticket plus a $5 fee

PURPLE EVENINGS IN CHERRY VALLEY: Some hues seem to run "hot" — any bright orange prompts us to think of the sun — while cooler hues summon the atmosphere of the night. Light purple is among these ethereal colors, at least for many people, for it is the sort of soft shade that cleaves well to the spirit of eveningtime. So when the popular Lavender Festival at 123 Farm, the large-scale celebration that lasts for over two months at Highland Springs Ranch & Inn in Cherry Valley, opts to move to an evening run, well, that makes sense. The new 2023 will provide visitors with a cooler experience as they visit the stretches of elegant herbs, and give the multi-acre farm a chance to illuminate all of the twinkling lights that have become synonymous with the destination (guests at the farm's bustling holiday event know these beautiful bulbs well). The new evening hours will sparkle from 5 to 10 o'clock.

MAY 5... is the opening date for the 2023 run, which will wrap on July 23. This is a "select date" kind of thing, so do peruse the calendar before you go to make sure you'll arrive when it is open. Better yet: Buy your ticket ahead of time if you are hoping to call upon the colorful location during peak bloom, which generally runs from mid-June to the middle of July. If you'd simply like to savor the farm experience and a few starlit hours spent in the fresh air, you might consider swinging by during the "pre-bloom window," which will take place from May 5 to 21. A bonus? Entry is free during these early weeks, though parking is additional (as it is for the entire festival). Also lovely? Live tunes will enhance the enchanting aura of the event. Walk-ins will be accepted, but there is an additional $5 fee. For all of the details blooming at the fragrant favorite, follow your lavender-loving nose to this site now.

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