This Rosy Spot Is Open for Appointments (and Online Orders)

The Russian River Rose Company had a bountiful spring, flower-wise; now fans can make appointments to visit.

Russian River Rose Company

THE ROSE? It can symbolize so much, and people encountering a beautiful, newly opened rose often layer their own meaning upon its beauty and grandeur. Love? Innocence? Sweetness? Joy? All of those things work. But we might also find hope in the flowers of summertime 2020, and we don't need to look too deeply to discover it. For a blossom is, indeed, a hope-filled sight, one that reminds us to persevere and to always grow stronger.

THE THOUSANDS OF ROSES... that regularly and royally burst around the grounds of the Russian River Rose Company, in Healdsburg, have been uplifting sights for many visitors over the years. And while the pandemic impacted the alfresco attraction's typically busy spring season, the destination is again open.

OPEN TO APPOINTMENT, that is, at its nursery, while limited garden visits are available for scheduling (the cost is ten dollars). Face coverings should be worn, and you'll want to practice physical distancing during your visit to the airy outdoor spread. Even if you're looking down the road to your next rosy adventure, you can still show the rose-growing gem your support. There's an online store, with rose water and rose oil, and due to a successful 2020 springtime rose harvest the rose oil is said to be "wonderful." Of course, do check any California travel advisories before heading onto the road, but daydreaming of a future visit to this flowery wonderland is a spirit-raiser.

FOR EVERYTHING BLOOMING, both in the garden and in the online shop at this flowers-in-wine-country favorite, click.

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