Trick-or-Treat Tea at the Disneyland Hotel

Sip in a not-too-spooky setting, with cute seasonal treats galore.

AN ATMOSPHERIC AFTERNOON: If Jack Skellington invited you over to his pumpkin patch to enjoy afternoon tea, what sort of treats might you eat? Would the ghoulish goodies hail from Halloween Town's very finest restaurants? Would Jack himself have overseen the baking and decorating of the cookies? And would his faithful dog Zero try to snatch snacks from the table, given that he's usually airborne? Socializing with the Pumpkin King is a not-too-dastardly daydream of those who adore "Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas." And maybe one day you'll receive such an invitation from Mr. Skellington — we imagine the glittery card would arrive in your mailbox at midnight — but, for now, there is a sumptuous afternoon tea with spirited Skellington-esque overtones. It happens at, you guessed it, Disneyland Resort, though you won't need to enter either theme park to sit down for the seasonal nosh: It springs to life, throughout October, at Steakhouse 55. The swanky restaurant is found inside the Disneyland Hotel, and if you're now recalling that the eatery often does tea service throughout the year, you'd be correct. But during...

HALLOWEEN TIME AT DISNEYLAND RESORT, the sweets on the table pay homage to Jack Skellington's smiling face, and his striped suit, and the orange-y fall-fun hues of the holiday. The beverages, too, are sippably inspired by the hauntingest stretch on the calendar, with apple pie tea one perfectly timed choice. And it isn't all confections on your table, do note; sandwiches, too, like the classic cucumber and watercress, will fulfill the meal part of experience. A Special Halloween "Trick or Treat" Tea is burbling each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon, from noon to 3 p.m., right through to Sunday, Oct. 29. But you can bet Jack has some magic up his very long sleeve: The tea will also be open for reservations on Halloween afternoon, which is a Tuesday in 2017. 

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