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Crowned Ms Cougar 2010



    While horses are typically the reason people go to the races at Del Mar, Friday night was a little different. For the second straight year, the horses shared the stage with what seems like a growing group of women -- cougars.

    A cougar is a woman who is 40 and over and dates men at least 8 years younger, according to the winner -- a former Del Mar jockey herself.

    "I will be Ms Cougar 2010, welcome to my world," said CC Perkinson.

    A world she claims everyone could get something out of.

    "You can learn from the older, you can learn from the younger and you can have such a great time, and that's what this is about," said Perkinson. 

    The voting was done online and on Twitter. Perkinson got more than 1600 votes. While this contest is a game, these women are serious about this lifestyle.

    "You've got to get it in your mind you've got a lot to offer," said Perkinson.  "It empowers women to keep a healthy mind, keep a healthy body, reinvent yourself and realize there's men out there that are attracted to you."

    Perkinson will keep the crown for a year, but there are no real duties that go along with the title.