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Sword Stolen by Costumed Ninja Is Returned to Alaska Card Shop



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    2012 file photo of a replica katana sword at a Japanese culture event in London. (Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

    A katana sword that was missing from an Anchorage card shop has been returned.

    KTVA-TV reports surveillance video shows a person dressed as a ninja leaving BOSCO'S Comic, Cards & Games with what looked to be the Japanese-style sword.

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    (Published 2 hours ago)

    Employee Eric Helmick said in an email that a man bought the sword from the thief and brought it back to the shop Thursday after hearing on the news that it was stolen.

    Helmick said the man waited at the shop for Anchorage police officers to arrive and told them what happened.

    The sword was slightly damaged.

    He said the shop's staffers are thankful this odd situation wasn't worse and that they all got a chuckle out of it.