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New App Lets You Tell Secrets



    A new iPhone app lets users tell secrets anonymously to a group of friends, letting users get some relief from guilt while not actually admitting their identity.

    The app, called Secret, comes from former Square and Google workers David Byttow and Chrys Bader, and it uses iPhone contacts to spill your guts, according to the Re/Code. The app lets users plug into the network without a username. Using a vertical feed, the secrets are shared without an identity to help with lowering one's inhibition.

    The secret is the core of the message and readers respond to the content rather than who sends it, founders told the Re/Code. “Basically, every secret should stand on the merit of its own idea,” Byttow said. “It would be nice, for once, to have a normalizing platform.”

    However, part of the problem with the app is part of its attraction, according to the report. There are trolls, sexually explicit posts and the usual flame wars in the comments. But both founders think that because the network is made up of people the user knows, the network will be more accepting of admissions.
    The app seems to simulate the confessional photos and YouTube videos people made to admit their secrets. Perhaps it will catch on, or perhaps people will simply share their secrets with close friends in real life.