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Dodgers Win 12th Straight Road Game In Chicago

Ryu exits early, but Dodgers score six runs for the win



    The last time the Dodgers lost on the road was July 6 in San Francisco. Since they have won 12 consecutive road matches, tying a franchise record set in 1924, with the latest coming on a 6-2 win in Chicago. They are also 29-7 in their last 36 games, which is the Dodgers best 36-game run since 1953.

    Hyun-Jin Ryu got lit up for 11 hits, but only let two runs score while walking none and striking out six in 5.1 innings. We've started to get used to Ryu giving up hits in bunches, but when he is pounding the strike zone like he did Friday it is expected.

    For now, Ryu gets a pass for giving up so many hits because he manages to get out of innings, the Cubs were 3-14 with runners in scoring position, and has not been issuing walks. He has 15 strikeouts to one walk in his last two starts which is great to see after he had been walking three or four batters a game during June and the start of July.

    Ryu gave up two runs on doubles to Darwin Barney and Cole Gillespie, earned his 10th win of the season and raised his ERA to 3.15.

    The Dodgers scored six runs to support Ryu, with Yasiel Puig, Nick Punto, A.J. Ellis, Adrian Gonzalez and Scott Van Slyke all contributing RBI hits, or Ellis' case, an RBI walk. They finished the game with nine hits, but received a lot of help from the Cubs with six walks and an error.

    While scoring six runs and getting the win is great, the Dodgers had the opportunity to completely decimate the Cubs. They left 10 runners on base, and went 3-9 with runners in scoring position. It felt like every inning they would get on a roll until poor base running or an inning-ending strikeout would ruin a scoring opportunity.

    The bullpen held the Cubs scoreless over 3.2 innings with appearances from J.P. Howell, Brandon League, Ronald Belisario, and Carlos Marmol.

    Possibly the best moment of the game came from Ryu, but not on the mound. In the fifth inning, Hyun-Jin Ryu scored from second base on an Adrian Gonzalez single that was misplayed by center fielder David DeJesus.

    Ryu sped around the bases, nearly missing the tag at home, and entered the dugout exhausted. Juan Uribe came over and started fanning Ryu with a towel in a hilarious, generally just fun moment.

    Then again, Yasiel Puig's fantastic diving catch in the ninth inning was awesome too, but that's just Yasiel being Yasiel, right? After the catch, he laid on the ground and showed the ball to the umpire with a smirk on his face as if to say, "Yeah, no big deal."

    This team is just so much fun to watch, and has so much personality. Of course, all the winning is great too. Saturday the Dodgers take on the Cubs with Chris Capuano on the mound, looking to set the franchise record for consecutive road wins.

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    Fans got a kick out of Ryu rounding the bases, he literally looked as if he may just take a nap on the bench when he returned to the dugout.

    Completely agree.

    You definitely weren't the only one, Joseph.

    Typical AWESOME Dodger's almost as if we are getting spoiled now!