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California Gift Show



    JEALOUSY: Maybe that's too strong a word. Longing? Yes. When a major trade show comes to town, we often wish we could peek inside, to see the new electronics or doodads or fashion choices that'll be coming down the pike. The California Gift Show is one of those industry-only conventions we'd like to stroll around for an hour. After all, the decor and gifts and wrappings and baubles and soaps and everythings that come out of this show soon end up on store shelves from hither to yon. We should also mention talking trends is a big part of the big CGS. In the end, a lot of what happens over a week influences buyer choices for years to come. SO, IN THE END, WE DO SEE MUCH OF EVERYTHING: Just spread out across several stores. It's on from July 13-19 at both the LA Mart and the Los Angeles Convention Center. That is, indeed, a lot of soap.