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Bring On the Ranunculus!



    HIGHWAY-CLOSE HUES: If you've driven by the Flower Fields in Carlsbad at a particular time of year, you remember. Forever. Because you're quite sure you'll never again see colors so saturated. It's impossible, really, to even imagine a pink that's pinker or red that more redly. It's simply not possible to outdo the spectacular lines of blooming ranunuculus, nor the sweet features of this 5-close roadside stop. Because not only do the Flower Fields sport colorful buds, but they have other fam-nice to-dos, like a sweet pea maze. We can almost smell it now. Sniff.

    2011 DATES: Opening day for the Flower Fields is Tuesday, March 1. Final day is May 8. Get out, petal buffs. And if you're driving the 5, keep those hue-happy eyes peeled.

    PLUS: Ranunculus. Just fun to say. Ranunculi packs even more bang, although Wikipedia will not back us up on that made-up word. But we did learn there is a frog-connection going with this pretty flower's name. Fascinating.