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Hello, Giant Pacific Octopus

He's 16 feet long, and he's in Monterey.



    TOTAL ROCK STAR: It heartens us when we see families load up the ol' wood-paneled wagon -- or, nowadays, we suppose, the hybrid SUV -- and find the last remaining drive-in theaters still showing summertime movies. Kids should wear pajamas and fall asleep during the second half of a double feature, and teenagers should get their fill of classic, cheesy, bad effects-laden B movies. But those classic thrillers can be harder to find nowadays, at least at the drive-ins -- which are in themselves hard to find -- so we have to take our creature features elsewhere. It is best, we think, when we can admire the creatures in-person, if possible, and learn something factual about them, too. Nope, giant Pacific octopuses don't swallow major metropolises whole, but they are very smart and gorgeous sea-deep creatures with their own riveting backstory. And if you'd like to see a big one -- and we mean 16-feet-long big -- you can, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    ON VIEW: The aquarium has been posting some pics of this guy and he is beyond B-movie cool, and very large. We're pretty sure he couldn't do battle with a hapless fishing boat, nor would he want to, but he's probably the king of whatever watery area he happens to occupy. And in other recent aquarium octopus news, if you missed it? There was a nocturnal escapee that decided to enjoy its own aquarium tour. It's a charming story, and one for the cephalopod fans out there. And that's all of us, whether we love B movies or not, right?