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Historic Holiday: La Quinta Easter

An egg hunt on the flowery grounds is a springtime highlight at the desert favorite.



    EGG HUNT STANDARDS: What makes the perfect egg hunt? You can say "grass" as your first suggestion, but there are little ones who happily search for the color-pretty orbs of spring both in snow and in desert landscapes (and, very often, inside houses and apartments). You can say "flowers" next, but even those aren't totally essential. A basket? Yep, that's important -- gotta have somewhere to stow all of those eggs. And what about a cameo by the Big Bunny? If he's not too busy, we do love to see him hop on by a hunt.

    SO... while it is true that none of those things are required to have an excellent Easter egg search, having all of them, plus a lot more, is pretty special. A few California resorts go all out on this front, including La Quinta Resort & Spa in the desert. Yep, it has flowers -- many, many blossoms come April -- and it has grass and it has over 40 pools. Wait, that doesn't have much to do with egg huntery, right? Right. Still, it is worth a mention, because, uh, that's a whole bunch of pools. But what La Quinta boasts the most is a long holiday history. Is that Miss Shirley Temple at the famous resort, a longtime playplace for Hollywood? And is she there on Easter? Why yes, indeed. It's sweet.

    THE 2014 HIPPITY-HOPPING HAPS... will be as convivial as years gone by. Two egg hunts shall go down on the bud-filled grounds, and photos with the Easter Bunny, and face painting and Easter egg painting, too. Plus a bounce house, which you don't normally get at a hotel. (Question: When will the first bounce hotel open? Entrepreneurs, get on it, please.) It's just a sunny and warm and long-history'd spot to egg-hunt-it-up on Easter, so dig out the bonnets, bow ties, and camera. La Quinta is ready to take the wayback machine to all the Easters of yore, all in the name of traditional fun.