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Lake Skinner Fest: Lightning in a Bottle

Yoga, art, food, tunes, and enlightenment merge in a mondo coming-together.



    A GENTLE GATHERING: The Golden State is often said to be a place where people come to find themselves (and sometimes satirized for this as well). That sounds like a pretty good thing to us -- self-discovery as a real pursuit -- and it doesn't surprise us that California is the setting for a few major festivals that incorporate self-discovery, and sustainability, and community spirit, and green ideas as a guidepost and goal. Wanderlust is the major yoga gathering up at Squaw Valley in July and near Temecula? Lightning in a Bottle is the holistic happening. It's a five-day festival, so there are many components, but a few to consider, if you make for Temecula-close Lake Skinner from Thursday, July 11 through Monday, July 15 are...

    MUSIC: A number of stages will be set up and acts like Rusko, Purity Ring, and Nicolas Jaar will be keeping the vibes flowing.

    YOGA: Several acclaimed teachers will visit the festival and lead large and peaceful groups in downward dogs and other traditional poses.

    GREEN: The festival regularly welcomes "an environmental line-up," inviting speakers to speak at workshops addressing resource usage, packaging, and smart shopping. Also, Lightning in a Bottle offers free water (filtered, natch) to all attendees.

    KIDS: There's a zone made for younger festival goers and a number of ways that families can enjoy the experience together. Including...

    ART: The eye-popping installations, walk-in works, and light-up pieces are rather amazing. They just bolster the idea that this fest is devoted to feeding the mind as well as the whole person. And, ultimately, the larger world.