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Puppy Love at Carmel's Cypress Inn

Can your tiny one do an impressive trick? You might get a room upgrade.



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    Cypress Inn
    Can your tiny one do an impressive trick? You might get a room upgrade at the classic inn.

    SPEAK, STAY, SIT, SLEEP: If you were asked at a front desk or a hotel's reception area to perform a trick for a possible upgrade, what would you do? Do you have something a little impressive up your talented sleeve? Maybe you'd juggle or do a handstand (something not typically seen in posh hotel lobbies) or you'd sing "Happy Birthday" backwards or you'd unleash a few impressions. But we're never asked to do a trick for an upgraded room, sad to say, though that's not the case with everyone. Canines checking into Carmel's historic Cypress Inn -- checking alongside their human, of course -- will be asked what tricks they know. If the hotel-visiting hound can roll over or sit up on his haunches or balance a treat on the bridge of his shiny little nose, and upgraded rooms are available, and the human visitor has booked the Puppy Love Package during February, bingo! The tricks-performed-at-the-front-desk deal will have paid off with a upgrade (and, very likely, a round of applause by all present). For while many a destination is dog-sweet, and welcomes your woofer as a co-visitor to the property, few can match Doris Day's legendary Lassie-loving inn, where tail-boasting tourists get a host of amenities and can, on occasion, speak and/or sit in order to nab a nice upgrade.

    PUPPY LOVE PACKAGE: The package, which indeed includes "tricks for an upgrade," is on throughout February 2015. The "tricks" end of the deal is "based on availability," of course, but there are other goodies: A gratis collar tag with the Cypress Inn logo (very chic for the next time your furry one heads to her local dog park), dog treats, bowls, and beds, and a twenty-dollar credit for Yappy Hour. (Oh, that's good for Terry's Lounge + Restaurant, if you prefer). There are human-focused perks, too, like the deluxe accomos and breakfast. If you and your person-partner have been wanting to try a getaway with your small four-footer (or not-so-small four-footer -- the Inn loves beasties of every stature), the Cypress Inn is a solid place to start. The dog love here is real, as evidenced by the fact that if Fido can roll over, or speak on cue, at the front desk, the upgrade is yours. Where else does displaying a talent at check-in nab something nice? Woof.