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San Diego Sweet: Baby Rhino Gets a Buddy

The calves met at the start of the year at San Diego Zoo Safari Park.



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    San Diego Zoo Safari Park
    Chutti, a greater one-horned rhino, has a new pal: Moo Moo Kitty, a young Ankole calf. See the friends together at San Diego Safari Park.

    D'AWWW-INSPIRING DUO: One doesn't have to look too far and wide to find examples of animal duos that are not comprised of the same type of animal. Sure, you could start with "Bambi" -- a deer and a rabbit seems like a not too incongruous pairing -- but observing the off-screen animal world will reveal many terrific twosomes. Zoos have paired leopards with mild-of-personality, eager-to-roll Golden Retrievers before, and a National Geographic Channel special called "Unlikely Animal Friends" observed elephants and polar bears paired with canines (we're sensing a theme there). Now San Diego Zoo Safari Park has a new friendship in the works, one that keepers hope is "lifelong": Chutti, the park's greater one-horned rhino calf, met a young Ankole calf named Moo Moo Kitty at the start of January. Yep, Chutti is a calf, too, but of the rhinoceros variety, while Moo Moo Kitty is bovine. Still, perhaps the fact that both animals are deemed calves when young will be a bonding agent? Doesn't look like they need a lot of bonding help, though; each stood side-by-side as they enjoyed bottles proffered by a keeper. 

    WANT TO SEE THE DUO? You can, at the Escondido preserve. Or you can check out some of their early shenanigans in a video released by Safari Park. What will these two be up to years from now? Adventures? Hanging out? Cuddling? All of the above? Here's to a friendship that's enjoyed a strong, and d'awww-filled, beginning.