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Film Plus Feasting in Santa Barbara



    POPCORN, YES, BUT... We never, ever want popcorn's role as the numero uno movie food to be usurped. Same goes for licorice and chewy centered-things bathed in chocolate. But sometimes, after watching a great flick, you want something a little bit more sit-down-y (and not lean-back-in-a-theater-seat-sit-down-y, either). Something with a bit more splash. Enter Film Feast, which will happen at the same time as the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

    PRIX FIXE FOODIE GOODNESS: The short-and-savory of it: Several restaurants around Santa Barbara will over prix fixe deals during the run of the SBIFF, which will happen from Jan. 27 to Feb. 6, 2011. The different menus available have above-the-title-worthy names: "Shorts," "Features," and "Epic." (Epic is a four-courser, in case you were wondering.) You'll want to plan your supping in conjunction with your screenings, of course, so keep an eye on this foodie page as the days draw nearer. And popcorn, don't be sore. You're still #1, forevs.