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Kimpton's Wintertime "Secret Word" Debuts



    WHAT'S COLD... And pretty and not the same as any other of its kind? Why it is a snowflake, of course, and while we don't see too many of 'em around Southern California parts, we can summon this frosty little gift from the sky next time we check into a Kimpton. The hotel company has a "secret word" promotion on, and that secret word is what we just described. We don't need to go back, right? You've got it, yes?

    IF NOT: It is "snowflake," and if you say it at a Kimpton while checking in -- starting on Monday, Nov. 15, that is, and through Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011 -- you'll get a little something nice. That something nice could be several things, so we won't spoil surprises here, but one rumor we heard is one get involves the words "raiding" and "mini bar."

    BUT: We just wouldn't *say* snowflake at check-in. We'd whisper it in a wintry fashion. You'll be on a trip, right? If you're staying at a Kimpton? Have some fun already.