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Sour is Sweet in Goleta



    DRUTHER-HAVING: If we had our druthers, and had full control of the Golden State's festival circuit, we might schedule the California Avocado Festival and the California Lemon Festival on the same weekend in the same place. As it is, they happen pretty close together -- the avocado fest rolled over the first weekend in October, and the lemon fest happens on Saturday, Oct. 16 and Sunday, Oct. 17 -- and their locations are pretty close together (Carpinteria for avocados, Goleta for lemons).

    BECAUSE... once you have lemons and avocados, really, you're a third of the way to guacamole. Now we just need to find a local tomato festival, a local sour cream festival, a local salt festival, and a local cilantro festival. Oh, and a local onion festival would be handy, too.

    BACK TO THOSE SUNNY YELLOW ORBS: Of course, the California Lemon Festival is fine standing on its own branch. It has plenty of to-dos -- pie-eating contests, pony rides, bounce-housery, music, and lemony bites aplenty -- and its pretty Goleta setting to boot. The party is also a year shy of its 20th birthday, making it one of the biggies among local festivals.