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The Amargosa Makes USA Today List



    ATMOSPHERIC AMARGOSA: We've said it before, right here on NBC, and we'll keep on saying it, forever: We love this hotel. It's a desert gem with a wee opera house built onto one side. Ballerina Marta Becket is the doyenne. And, oh, has it got character to spare. And maybe some ghosts? In honor of Friday the 13th, USA Today has published a round-up of some of the nation's hauntiest hotels.The Death Valley Junction inn made the creepy cut, one of only two California hotels to do so.

    EVEN IF YOU DON'T SEE A GHOST... You can go on certain nights during the colder months to see a stage show featuring Ms. Becket (she'll tell stories). You can often hear peacock cries in the night. You can see the Milky Way from outside your room. And the vast dark desert stretching before you. See? Haunted.