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World of Wine 2011



    WoW: Temecula Valley's World of Wine celebration has an easy way to remember the name -- it handily shortens to "WoW" -- but the word to keep in mind is this one: barrel. The two-day oenophile extravaganza is all about the barrel tasting from one end of the valley to the other. And when we throw around "from one end to the other" we mean it: Over 30 Temeculan wineries will be rolling out the barrels (or maybe forklifting 'em out, but rolling sounds more old-fashioned and quaint to us).

    DATES: Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6. Two things to know: A two-day ticket is $99, and the organizer predict a sell-out, so go the advance-getting route. And, a good add: Food is on the menu, not just beverages. Always helpful, when one is facing down two and a half dozen wineries.