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If Cauliflower Can Turn into Pizza, You, Too, Can Become a Homeowner

Realtor-to-the-Stars, Frederik Eklund, launches real estate app to help navigate real estate market by connecting agents and buyers.

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We spoke with “Million Dollar Listing’s” realtor-to-the-stars, Fredrik Eklund in-studio where home buying, home selling, and the “Real Messenger” app he recently launched were the top picks of discussion. Our million-dollar question….is it the right time to buy or is it the right time to sell? According to Fredrik, “we are wobbling a little bit right now. We’re coming out of a slow summer with some uncertainty, however whether you are buying or selling it is really a good time to be on either side. Both buyers and sellers have opportunities.” The real question is, though, if you do sell, where are you going to go with the market prices rising right now? With an increase in home price, taxes and mortgage payments will go up, which leads to the thought of, is it financially feasible for you?

Whether you are buying or selling, or perhaps just “real estate curious”, Real Messenger, his new app, and as Fredrick states, it’s a “brilliant idea. Very much like Instagram, meets Zillow, meets Whatsapp. This is all those things. You can see design tips, listings, new trends, beautiful kitchens, go to Sweden and look at penthouses. It's global. It's merging social media with real estate.” No matter where your position in real estate lies, this app is the key to connecting agents to buyers on a more serious and realistic way throughout the entire world.

App: Real Messenger | Found in Google Play and Apple App Store

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