Trendy Tips to a Fabulous New You in the New Year

Know all the hottest health trends for 2020.

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Looking to put your health first in 2020? Nurse Barbara Dehn shared trendy tips to a fabulous new you in the new year.

Take Care of Your Gut

Your gut biome controls everything in your body from your mood to anti-aging. Your gut biome loves fiber so load up on fiber to see a healthier digestive track and see potential anti-aging benefits. Dehn recommends loading your plate with fiber rich foods like kale, quinoa and granola.

Meditation and Mindfullness

This year is all about meditation and mindfulness. Dehn recommends having a mindfulness tactic like breathing slowly or squeezing your thumb to make sure you are calm and in the moment.

Rest and Recharge

In 2020, make getting your eight hours of sleep a priority. Invest in blackout curtains, a silk mask or a natural sleeping aide to make sure you are getting your full eight hours of beauty rest. You'll look better, perform better and feel better.

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Reconnect Without the Phone

Everyone is attached at the hip to their smartphone. In 2020, try to leave the phone behind and get face to face interaction with your loved ones. Put the phone down and live in the moment.

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