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Women's World Cup

Women's World Cup

Full Coverage of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup in France

2019 Women's World Cup Schedule of Soccer Games

Here is the schedule of soccer matches for FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019



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    The 2019 Women's World Cup kicks off Friday, June 7, in Paris with 24 teams vying for soccer's biggest prize over the course of the month. Telemundo networks will provide Spanish-language coverage and livestream all of the matches. FOX will air English language coverage. 

    Below is the schedule of play. All times listed below are Eastern Daylight Time. 

    The United States women's national soccer team, the No. 1-ranked defending champion, first plays on Tuesday, June 11, at 3 p.m., against Thailand. The U.S. women will next take on Chile on Sunday, June 16, then Sweden on Thursday, June 20. 


    Friday, June 7 - Paris
    France vs. South Korea, 3 p.m.

    Saturday, June 8 - Reims
    Norway vs. Nigeria, 3 p.m.

    Wednesday, June 12 - Grenoble
    Nigeria vs. South Korea, 9 a.m.

    Wednesday, June 12 - Nice
    France vs. Norway, 3 p.m.

    Monday, June 17 - Rennes
    France vs. Nigeria, 3 p.m.

    Monday, June 17 - Reims
    South Korea vs. Norway, 3 p.m.

    Saturday, June 8 - Rennes
    Germany vs. China, 9 a.m.

    Saturday, June 8 - Le Havre
    Spain vs. South Africa, Noon

    Wednesday, June 12 - Valenciennes
    Germany vs. Spain, Noon

    Thursday, June 13 - Paris
    South Africa vs. China, 3 p.m.

    Monday, June 17 - Montpellier
    Germany vs. South Africa, Noon

    Monday, June 17 - Le Havre
    China vs. Spain, Noon

    Sunday, June 9 - Valenciennes
    Australia vs. Italy, 7 a.m.

    Sunday, June 9 - Grenoble
    Brazil vs. Jamaica, 9:30 a.m.

    Thursday, June 13 - Montpellier
    Australia vs. Brazil, Noon

    Friday, June 14 - Reims, France
    Jamaica vs. Italy, Noon

    Tuesday, June 18 - Grenoble, France
    Australia vs. Jamaica, 3 p.m.

    Tuesday, June 18 - Valenciennes
    Italy vs. Brazil, 3 p.m.

    Sunday, June 9 - Nice
    England vs. Scotland, Noon

    Monday, June 10 - Paris
    Argentina vs. Japan, Noon

    Friday, June 14 - Rennes
    Japan vs. Scotland, 9 a.m.

    Le Havre, France
    England vs. Argentina, 3 p.m.

    Wednesday, June 19 - Nice
    Japan vs. England, 3 p.m.

    Wednesday, June 19 - Paris
    Scotland vs. Argentina, 3 p.m.

    Monday, June 10 - Montpellier
    Canada vs. Cameroon, 3 p.m.

    Tuesday, June 11 - Le Havre
    New Zealand vs. Netherlands, 9 a.m.

    Saturday, June 15 - Valenciennes
    Netherlands vs. Cameroon, 9 a.m.

    Saturday, June 15 - Grenoble
    Canada vs. New Zealand, 3 p.m.

    Thursday, June 20 - Reims
    Netherlands vs. Canada, Noon

    Thursday, June 20 - Montpellier
    Cameroon vs. New Zealand, Noon

    Tuesday, June 11 - Rennes
    Chile vs. Sweden, Noon

    Tuesday, June 11 - Reims
    United States vs. Thailand, 3 p.m.

    Sunday, June 16 - Nice
    Sweden vs. Thailand, 9 a.m.

    Sunday, June 16 - Paris
    United States vs. Chile, Noon

    Thursday, June 20 - Le Havre
    Sweden vs. United States, 3 p.m.

    Thursday, June 20 - Rennes
    Thailand vs. Chile, 3 p.m.

    Saturday, June 22 - Grenoble
    Group B winner vs. Group A, C or D third place, 11:30 a.m.

    Saturday, June 22 - Nice
    Group A second place vs. Group C second place, 3 p.m.

    Sunday, June 23 - Valenciennes
    Group D winner vs. Group B, E or F third place, 11:30 a.m.

    Sunday, June 23 - Le Havre
    Group A winner vs. Group C, D or E third place, 3 p.m.

    Monday, June 24 - Reims
    Group B second place vs. Group F winner, Noon

    Monday, June 24 - Paris
    Group F second place vs. Group E second place, 3 p.m.

    Tuesday, June 25 - Montpellier
    Group C winner vs. Group A, B or F third place, Noon

    Tuesday, June 25 - Rennes
    Group E winner vs. Group D second place, 3 p.m.

    Thursday, June 27 - Le Havre
    Nice winner vs. Valenciennes winner, 3 p.m.

    Friday, June 28 - Paris
    Le Havre winner vs. Reims winner, 3 p.m.

    Saturday, June 29 - Valenciennes
    Montpellier winner vs. Rennes winner, 9 a.m.

    Saturday, June 29 - Rennes
    Grenoble winner vs. Paris winner, 12:30 p.m.

    Tuesday, July 2 - Lyon
    Le Havre winner vs. Paris winner, 3 p.m.

    Wednesday, July 3 - Lyon
    Valenciennes winner vs. Rennes winner, 3 p.m.

    Saturday, July 6 - Nice
    Semifinal losers, 11 a.m.

    Sunday, July 7 - Lyon
    Semifinal winners, 11 a.m.