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A Friend Remembers Diana

Hairstylist Richard Dalton will Q&A about the Princess of Wales.



    A Friend Remembers Diana
    Tim Graham/Getty Images
    Richard Dalton, Diana's hair stylist and confidante, will lead a tour of the royal exhibit on the Queen Mary on Saturday, Jan. 26.

    The Queen Mary has resided in Long Beach for more than 45 years, but it is still very much associated with royalty, thanks in part to its blue-chip moniker and to the fact that royals really sailed aboard the ocean liner before its 1967 retirement.

    But the ship's royal cred took a big leap in the summer of 2012 with the opening of Diana: Legacy of a Princess, an exhibit featuring many of the icon's evening gowns as well as a couple thousand artifacts from the Windsors.

    Unlike many exhibits, however, this one brought with a number of components beyond the passive observing-and-admiring. A "royal experience" stay-over package is one choice for visitors to the show, as well as a meal in the British-style tearoom. There are also occasional talks regarding the princess and her life.

    Richard Dalton, described as both Diana's hairstylist and a confidante, will visit the ship on Saturday, Jan. 26 to reminisce about his friend and share some photos and memorabilia. This will be one for the princess fans, for sure; while the royal's friends sometimes give media interviews, intimate Q&As in a public setting are far less common.

    Mr. Dalton will also lead a tour of the exhibit for attendees.

    Can't make it? You can submit a question online.

    Tickets are $85 apiece. A flute of bubbly is included in that price, lending the atmosphere a bit of added elegance.

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