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Aprons on for Claremont's Crustiest Celebration

Haven't marked Pi Day yet? You can, the following day. Mmm.



    Aprons on for Claremont's Crustiest Celebration
    Claremont fetes pie -- lots and lots of pie -- on Saturday, March 15.

    Quiz: What's more pie-laden: A fragrant and famous pie shop following an extra large order, or Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter on March 14, which happens to be Pi Day, for all of the numerical meme-y reasons?

    The answer is almost laughably obvious: It's number two. You'll see the symbol for pi more often come 3/14 -- and a few pastry-type pies, too, in the merry mix -- than any other day of the year, unless you work in a mathematics textbook warehouse and/or pie shop. (Someone should combine those two businesses.)

    But where to get pie on Pi Day, if you're looking beyond your usual diners and all-night joints? If you can extend your pastry jones into the weekend, and if you love spending a Saturday in Claremont Village as much as you should (and you should), then check it: Claremont is throwing a pie festival.

    Is there a pie baking contest? The organization of pie festival throwers would probably cast a hard eye upon it if there was not. Is there a pie eating contest? Of course -- who doesn't like to see a bunch of people scarfing gooey cherries without the benefit of silverware? And shall there be pie demos? Everyone is forever in search of the perfect crust roll.

    We're most charmed, though, by the day's apron parade. That's pretty old-fashioned, and truly, don't pies and aprons go together? We can't think of another foodstuff that's as synonymous with the sugary icon.

    I Like Pie is the spot, in Claremont, and Saturday, March 15 is the date. It falls over the lunch hour, by the by, so if you end up eating a slice of peach pie rather than a square meal, well, no one'll give you the hard eye.

    Pi Day Weekend, after all, comes around once a year, even though pies, and math, are forever.

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