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Bubble Wrap Hall of Fame Inducts Burbankian

Merry magician Eric Buss is the first person to receive the honor.



    Bubble Wrap Hall of Fame Inducts Burbankian
    Eric Buss
    Comic magician Eric Buss is the Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Hall of Fame's very first inductee.

    A modern fact of business is this: If you have a product, any product, it is eventually going to show up on YouTube. Will you be delighted? Or will you call an emergency meeting with shareholders?

    Online brand management, you are unpredictable.

    How a product shows up is often out a corporation's hands, indeed, but thank goodness Bubble Wrap had Burbank's own Eric Buss on its viral-goosing side. The funny-brained magician unleashed the Bubble Wrap Bike upon a curious, "what the?"-asking world in July of 2013, and views instantly went through the proverbial YouTube roof, a true coup for packaging-obsessed, whimsical-minded cycling enthusiasts.

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    Packaging-whimsy-cycling is totally a thing with the kids today, right?

    Mr. Buss and his pop-pop-pop-making ride have now garnered close to 1,590,000 views at this typing, truly winning one for garage tinkerers and humor-loving inventors everywhere. He also won over the hearts of the makers of Bubble Wrap, who just announced that the magician is the first inductee in the Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Hall of Fame. (By the by, Jan. 27 is, in fact, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Get popping, secret poppers.)

    Did you know there's a Bubble Wrap Hall of Fame? Can you ever think about the world in the same way again? No, you can't/won't.

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    The entertainer, who is billed as a Comedy Imaginator (and who is, disclaimer, a friend to this writer), is moved by the honor. "It's very exciting," offered Mr. Buss, who is a frequent performer at the Magic Castle. "We live in a great country. I'm being awarded with popping bubble wrap with a bike. How awesome is that?"

    Awesome, indeed. He continued: "It is already a satisfying bike ride, but now it is going to be even more satisfying knowing I'm in the Bubble Wrap Hall of Fame."

    Could we all aspire to such heights via something that's probably already in our house at this very second? Take inspiration, people who like to duct tape stuff to other stuff.

    As for an inspiring note to leave on? Try this: "People should never stop having fun or being silly," says Mr. Buss. "Life is much better with laughter."

    Truer words. If haven't caught the famous Bubble Wrap Bike yet, you can in five, four, three, two...

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