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Butter Aerobics: Dance and, Yes, Make Butter

Shake it on the Santa Monica Pier, and learn how to create creamy goodness, too.



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    Make butter? Check? Do aerobics? Che--- hey, wait a second. Butter-making and cardio dance don't go together... or do they? Find out on Saturday, Dec. 14 at Santa Monica Pier.

    Anything that's easy to mash slides pretty well into a variety of mash-up concepts.

    Take butter, for example. It's easily molded into giant cows and clowns at state fairs every summer. It frequently appears in spray form, and melted, and in various fragrances. And it can be used to grease hinges and make stuck objects around the house glide.

    And yet? And yet. The pairing of butter-making and cardio dance is not a duo we, and perhaps you, have ever truly considered, though that will change if you proceed to the next sentence. For on Saturday, Dec. 14, at Santa Monica Pier, there shall be an aerobics class that's folded into a course on making butter.

    Folded, we imagine, like so much silky buttery cookie batter into a bowl. The day is indeed called, wait for it, Butter Aerobics, there shall be two classes -- 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. -- and the butter knowledge? That arrives before the sweat.

    Students shall discover "the physics and chemistry of turning cream into butter" before moving into a full-on sweat-it-hard to "DJ spun fitness jams."

    Then the dancing wraps, giving you time to "shape and wrap the butter."

    You'll want to arrive early, because they're capping classes at 150 people. "Butter cream is free to participants," if you're curious, but there shall be jars for purchase. Oh, and the imaginative merrymakers behind this unusual mash-up? CARS LA, the Machine Project, and PopSoda.

    Remember a month or so ago, when the Machine Project built a miniature cavern behind what appeared to be a convenience store in Echo Park? Yeah, they do stuff like that, and thank goodness.

    Someone should.

    Oh, and lastly? There shall be bread, at the Pier, from MOMO, if you want to gnash into your butter right there. We'd probably wait and gift it, and tell everyone at the holiday dinner when and how we made it.

    Butter and aerobics. It's true: All of the best trends do start in Los Angeles.

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