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Correct! Zoo Giraffe Picks Super Bowl Victor

Artie the Masai giraffe named the New England Patriots days ahead of the game.



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    LA Zoo
    The Los Angeles Zoo's own Artimus the Masai giraffe accurately predicted who'd win Super Bowl 49, several days ahead of the big game.

    Bookstores brim with guides suggesting how to better connect with your intuitive side, your horse sense, your ability to know what's next before you reach that point in the road.

    Perhaps, though, any future "what if?" nagging at you could be handily solved by calling upon the Los Angeles Zoo. Specifically the zoo's famous Masai giraffe, a handsome fellow named Artimus.

    Artimus -- who goes by Artie, if you're comfortable with getting casual -- may just possess that soothsaying, see-into-the-future ability that you seek. Why? Because just days ahead of Super Bowl 49 the giraffe predicted that the New England Patriots would triumph. (His method of prediction involved a meal, specifically feed selected from one of two feeders bearing the Super Bowl teams' logos.)

    Animals displaying an ability to call games and events -- or at least get into the lively spirit of the moment -- have made headlines before. A kangaroo living at the Australia Zoo -- Flopsy is her name -- gained fans last year when she nibbled at foods representing World Cup teams. Her nickname? Predictaroo.

    Perhaps Artie needs a catchy handle, too. The Animal Augur? The Furry Forecaster? Giraffe buffs, get thinking.

    By the by, this isn't the first time Artie has been in the news in recent months; he's the proud papa to Leo, who was born at the Griffith Park-based animal park just ahead of Thanksgiving.

    Parents are said to have a sixth sense, so perhaps that gave Artie some oomph when it came to choosing between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. Perhaps the feeder denoting the Patriots just looked more tempting. Or perhaps he really was tall enough to see into the future, or into Arizona, or a mystifying combination of both.

    A representative for the zoo says "it's a good bet" that the giraffe'll take on more charming guesses in the days and months ahead. What will Artie predict next?