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Date on the Move: Sidecar Singles

Have a mini date with your driver and get to your destination, this Valentine's Day.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Sidecar Singles
    Dating innovation takes to the roads: Sidecar is turning several of its Valentine's rides into lickety-split date opportunities.

    Once upon a time, in a year not long past our own, people spent a lot of time, upon arriving at parties, discussing their love lives and romantic prospects, while inquiring into the passionate pursuits of others at the same party.

    Nosy? Butting in? Sure, but have you ever been to a party completely devoid of such chatter? "Never" is your answer, we'll bet.

    Romance, though, is no longer the hot topic, as people now discuss the rideshare or alt-car service they used to arrive at the party. Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and other out-about-town-eries have made headlines in recent months for getting passengers from point A to point B in new, money-saving ways.

    But what if the two dovetailed, as a party conversation? They just might, over Valentine's Eve, Valentine's Day, and the following day, when Sidecar sends "30 eligible bachelors" out around LA to do the driving.

    Will you make a match from the time you open the door to the time you slide out of the backseat, freshly arrived at your destination? Depends if conversation with the person at the wheel sparks in all of the right ways or not.

    You'll need to look for a hashtag-- naturally -- when you need a Sidecar driver. The Cupid-y campaign's full handle? #SidecarSingles.

    If this isn't quite your bag, and your more of a train person, anyway, check it out: Metro is offering a lunchtime speed date session on the Red Line. There are things to know, like which car to head for (that depends on direction), but possibly meeting a prospective honey on the rails? That's what folks songs have been written about, yep yep.

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