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Eat|See|Hear: Movie Schedule Announced

The mega inflatable screen is back and ready for a varied list of 19 flicks.



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    Flicks screened outdoors on an inflatable screen that's 52 feet across? It's Eat|See|Hear. The summertime cinema series kicks off at Santa Monica High School on May 9 with "Pitch Perfect."

    Inflatables and backyards go together like mustard and hot dogs, but the size of the inflatable is determined by how much inflatable our yard can handle.

    Spoiler alert? Nah. Your yard might be able to accommodate a beach ball or pool lounger, but maybe, just maybe, would find that an inflatable movie screen that measures 52 feet, side to side, will test the fences.

    Thank goodness we have Eat|See|Hear in town, to meet our mega mondo inflatable movie screen needs. The outdoor summertime cinema series arrives at various locations around Southern California -- think the area adjacent to the Autry National Center as well as Santa Monica High School and Centennial Square at Pasadena -- and shows a host of classic film treats, both of the vintage and made-very-recently variety.

    From the made-very-recently annals comes the 2015 opener: "Pitch Perfect," which mi-mi-mis at Santa Monica High School on Saturday, May 9. (There's a contest for all attendees that night to nab two tickets to the "Pitch Perfect 2" premiere.)

    As for other films on the list? "The Grand Budapest Hotel," "Zoolander," "Fight Club," and "Back to the Future" will zoom cineastes right through the summer, over 19 movie-riffic nights. "The Princess Bride" closes it all out, magically/romantically, on Saturday, Sept. 12 at Pasadena's Centennial Square.

    As for the "Hear" part of the name? The tuneage of "emerging bands" from the local scene will fill people's heads with notes, rhythms, and lyrics of all sorts. As for the "Eat" end of the equation? You'll be food-trucking it from "over 110 food trucks throughout the season."

    That's as mondo a truck turnout as a super humongous inflatable movie screen is huge. One cannot argue otherwise.

    An Air New Zealand contest, a very pup-nice atmosphere (a free biscuit to every tail-wagger), and other goodies, like the annual "Christmas in July" screening ("Love Actually" along with "dozens of Santas") are ready to unspool, like credits unspool after the words "The End" pop up at the close of a film.

    So, in short: There's absolutely no need to squeeze that screen into the backyard. Eat|See|Hear once again has you covered, lovers of starlight and cinema and picnic blankets and truck tacos and pooches and new bands.  

    Surely we can all raise our hands as proponents of several of those things? If not all? (We vote all.)

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