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Free Slurpee Day: It Must Be 7/11

Make for a 7-Eleven and nab a small Slurpee for zero cashola.



    Free Slurpee Day: It Must Be 7/11
    If it is 7/11 on the calendar, you can nab a free Slurpee at a 7-Eleven. Easy to remember? Totally. Happy slurping (and occasional brain-freezing).

    There are probably as many ways to consume and enjoy the classic Slurpee as there are Slurpee drinkers.

    You have the people who go for the mix -- a little Coca-Cola classic, a little cherry, with a small top-off of something else, like a mango -- while others keep it pure and simple and stick to one flavor and one flavor only. Then you have the salty-sweeters, those customers who need to pick up some chips or nuts to eat with their frozen drink, and you have the brain-freezers, which are the daredevils who slurp their beverage at high speeds, the better to get an icy noggin. (Ouch, but, okay.)

    All of those Slurpee-ists will be out in frosty force on Thursday, July 11. That's 7/11, on some calendars, which summons the name of a certain convenience store that happens to sell Slurpees.

    The upshot? Free Slurpees on 7/11 at 7-Eleven.

    You'll get a small -- that's enough to a) get your brain-freeze on and/or b) have a summertime sweet drink experience, trust -- and you won't pay a thing.

    Because also? Parking is free at 7-Eleven. You knew that, right? So leave that cash at home (though not your wallet, if you're driving).

    This offer is good from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., so basically while the sun is out. That's prime Slurpee time, anyway. Yes, we've had a Slurpee around midnight, but hasn't everybody? Still, we like our cold stuff while the noonday temps are warming up.

    Happy 7/11, bev buffs, and we say this: If you go for the mix, try something new with your free Slurpee. It's the free stuff in life that allows us to take a few flavorful chances.

    Oh, and a happy 86th to the company as well. That's a whole lot of Slurpees over a whole lot of decades, for sure.

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