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Free and Fender-Filled: Gilmore Heritage Auto Show

The annual Farmers Market car confab is a year shy of its big 20th.



    Free and Fender-Filled: Gilmore Heritage Auto Show
    Farmers Market
    The Gilmore Heritage Auto Show rolls -- or, um, parks, rather -- on Saturday, June 1 at the Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax.

    It is often one of the first questions a first-time visitor to the Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax asks: Why is there an old-fashioned replica of a vintage gas station on the north side of the landmark?

    It's a fair query, especially since today's market, and the market of the last several decades, has been about the purveying of fruits, vegetables, foods of the world, souvenirs, and general good times. But the corner was once synonymous with Gilmore gasoline stations and a world-famous race track long before the first farmers arrived to sell their juicy wares.

    So Farmers Market honors its vroom-vroom legacy once a year in June via the Gilmore Heritage Auto Show, which honks its horn again on Saturday, June 1.

    The free show, which fills up the plaza area of the market as well as the street that sits between the market and The Grove, rounds up a colorful cavalcade of cars, and we do mean cavalcade. Hot rods may make an appearance, true muscle cars, as well as prim 'n proper touring cars lined in mahogany and memory.

    Over 100 cars and trucks dot the Farmers Market grounds.

    But there is always a star car, and the car for 2013 is the Studebaker Avanti. Only 5,800 were built and only during two years: 1962 and 1963. Bet a number of Avanti aficionados will make the trek to LA for this special day.

    It's year 19 for the auto show, which seems young, but not when you consider the area's pedal-to-the-metal legacy, a legacy that stretches back to the day when ranchos reigned. We're happy the auto show keeps this forward-motion spirit truckin', and we're happy for that little vintage gas station replica next to the market.

    People often complain that LA has a short memory, but that's clearly not the case at Third and Fairfax.

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