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Girl Scout Cookies, Re-Imagined

A Tagalong Torta? A gelato plate complete with Samoa? Yes, please.



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    Trattoria Neapolis
    Trattoria Neapolis is including Girl Scout Cookies purchased from Pasadena Troop 14201 in its whimsical desserts.

    The Girl Scouts organization hasn't yet released an official study on how people enjoy their Girl Scout cookies, at least that we're aware of, but perhaps the time has come to create such an official form.

    Back in the day -- oh, twenty or thirty years ago -- most people took their Thin Mints or Do-Si-Dos with a frosty glass of whole milk. But with the advent of the internet, and recipe sharing, and Girl Scout Cookie-type crafting, we're now aware that there are actually several paths one might take with that newly procured box of Trefoils.

    Charming us the most, though, is when a restaurant takes the sugary step of incorporating the seasonal sweet into its menu. Trattoria Neapolis of Pasadena is doing that right now for a short time. The restaurant purchased several boxes of Samoas and Tagalongs from local troop 14201, with the intent of placing each cookie within an interesting dessert.

    And those desserts? The one pictured is the Tagalong Torta, which includes blueberry sorbetto and peanut butter mousse, among other ingredients. There's also a Gelato Plate with Samoa Coconut Gelate Cookie Sandwich, which is pretty dang fancy for something that can be found in crumb-form upon many a shirt.

    The nicest bit? Troop 14201 uses its cookie-selling proceeds to help Pasadena-based organizations Families in Transition and the Humane Society.

    So even if you haven't Googled that quirky Girl Scout Cookie recipe you planned to make this year, worry not; a local eatery has you covered. Oh, and interestingly enough, Trattoria Neapolis was recently in the headlines for its small stash of $55 bottles of beer (the ultra coveted Westvleteren).

    What madcap idea is next, dear people? Salads inside sandwiches? The all-foam appetizer? We await your next move.

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