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Giving Hero Dogs Their Sweet Due

The American Humane pays tribute to canines who go above and beyond.



    Giving Hero Dogs Their Sweet Due
    Hero Dog Awards
    Those canines that lend a hand in several ways -- whether as therapy dogs or rescuers or as battlefield assistants -- will receive their due at the Hero Dog Awards. They're set for Saturday, Oct. 5 at the Beverly Hilton.

    The American Humane Association is an organization we often see in a movie's credits following the important "no animals were harmed" designation.

    But the association is involved in several efforts to protect, yes, and promote the good deeds of our fellow creatures. Those good deeds are honored each year at the Hero Dog Awards, which is set to arf for its third go-around at the Beverly Hilton this October.

    What are the Hero Dog Awards? Think of them as a giant muttly megaphone created to spotlight those canines who go above, beyond, and a little bit further. Their people, or people who love and are inspired by them, can nominate the furry heroes in a number of categories, including emerging hero dogs, law enforcement/arson dogs, guide dogs, hearing dogs, military dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs.

    The stories of each pup that's been nominated are heart-tuggers, and each tale is on the Hero Dog site. One we're touched by? Gram, a rough collie who can neither see nor hear. He's a therapy dog in the Paws for Friendship program and makes several visits to assisted living facilities where residents may cuddle on him.

    There are a few ways to support Hero Dogs. One? You can vote on this year's big-of-spirit crop. Two? You can donate. And three? You can buy a ticket to the gala Beverly Hilton dinner on Saturday, Oct. 5.

    If you're asking yourself "but will Betty White be there?" the answer, of course, is yes. The second question you're asking yourself is "will I be able to see a few of the hero dogs at the dinner?" The answer, again, is yes. Or perhaps an affirmative and joyful "arf" is the better answer here.

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