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Golden State Debut: Famous Grimaldi's Pizza

"(T)he pizza that made the Brooklyn Bridge famous" set for El Segundo debut.



    There are a few topics to start with regarding the news that Grimaldi's, Brooklyn's celebrated crust-and-sauce palace, is ready to make its big California debut at the end of the month.

    But that's like asking how one begins to toss a round of pizza dough, right? Do you spin left or right or do a low move? Every answer has merit.

    1. Let's start with water, even before revealing Grimaldi's Southern California location, because that's what every New Yorker who now lives in Los Angeles wants to know: Does the pie contain the right H2O? Check it out and be relieved, ex-Big-Applers: The pizzeria has hired a chemist to "analyze and recreate the mineral content and exact composition of the water to ensure the dough tastes the same in California." Serious!

    2. Let's land next on community, an important part of any well-respected pizza joint. The opening of the SoCal Grimaldi's will also pay homage to AYSO's 50th anniversary. Awww, nice. 'Cause c'mon: Haven't pizza restaurants and soccer teams gone together since practically forever? 

    3. Let's also note that Murray's Cheese, another NYC stalwart, opens its 100th store in Studio City just a couple of days after the Grimaldi's debut. Love the NY love, it's true. Nope, still no In-N-Outs in the Empire State, but our fingers are crossed for ya, New Yorkers. In the meantime, thanks for sharing the delicious eats! Too nice.

    4. Let's finally stop at Grimaldi's itself. The new location? El Segundo. The opening date? Wednesday, Jan. 29. Are there giant wood-fired ovens, like at the spot near the Brooklyn Bridge? You betcha. Do they weigh 25 tons each? Remarkably, yes. Do they burn 100 pounds of coal each day, which aids the oven in reach 1,200 degrees? It's amazing.

    Hello, Grimaldi's, and welcome to California. And how nice of you to arrive just ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. Timing is everything in the pizza dough toss, and in the big pizza palace debut, too.

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