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Halloween on the Move: The Cocktail Beer Crawl

A zombie walk, a Culver crawl, and dim sum delights await adult revelers.



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    Costumes and cocktails: Three "crawls" take over Santa Monica, Culver City, and Chinatown on Halloween night.

    The terrifying trends of Halloween make a few headlines each year. Animatronic masks have been big over recent holidays, and over-the-top yard haunts seem to get over-the-toppier with each passing October 31.

    Let's add an adults-only ritual to the chilling proceedings, a ritual that is about as here-to-stay as any costume party: the cocktail crawl.

    Yep, they happen on pretty much any weekend of the year, but they're popping up, more and more, on the spine-tingliest night of the year. Perhaps it is our not-so-secret desire to wear outlandish wigs and make-up as we sip that martini? Discuss.

    Three are just ahead for Thursday, Oct. 31. Make sure the kiddies are done trick-or-treating and are watching a sweetly spooky movie with a babysitter before heading out for...

    Santa Monica Zombie Crawl: It's the inaugural year for the bar-to-bar shuffle. Ye Olde King's Head, Britannia Pub, and Rusty's on the Pier are three stops (and each stop  has a time, so check it out when you purchase your ticket). Should you show as a zombie? Please. Do we need to answer that? Let's put it this way: Don't not show as a zombie, 'kay?

    Boos for Booze: Make for Culver City, in costume or not (but obviously "in" is what we're hoping). Then hit three restaurants -- A-Frame, Waterloo & City, and The Corner Door -- for a cocktail crawl of creepy proportions. Kettle corn, scary bites, and a drink called "The Omen" shall be available for purchase. The crawl starts at A-Frame between 5-7 p.m.

    Dim Sum Costumed Crawl: Buns, shrimp dishes, foamy brews, and small bites are the holiday supping stars around the historic Chinatown to-do, as are swanky craft beers. Just think about how all of that pretty neon will make your Halloween outfit glow. General admission is $60.

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