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Ice Cream and Elvis: A Treat Fit for The King

Nosh on a tribute flavor on Larchmont, in honor of Mr. Presley's birthday.



    Ice Cream and Elvis: A Treat Fit for The King
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    Elvis tribute artists, Elvis velvet paintings, Elvis style, yes, yes, and yes. But Elvis ice cream? Find it at Salt & Straw on Larchmont. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

    What are the strict classifications for a ranking who is, and who is not, a superstar?

    You might count hit records, box office-busting films, or a star on Hollywood Boulevard. You could also say that if people regularly tribute you -- through dress, performance, hairstyle, cars, home decor, and, yes, food -- then you are a true superstar. In fact, you are a superstar among superstars, royalty even, perhaps a king.

    The King qualifies here in a way most performers do not, thanks to the deep knowledge most everyone possess about All Things Elvis. Everybody knows an Elvis Presley-inspired performer when they see one, and everyone knows that the singer, who arrived on earth 80 years ago to bring swoon-worthy ballads to the masses, loved peanut butter and banana.

    Salt & Straw, the swanky-pants ice-creamery on Larchmont Boulevard, will celebrate both Elvis tribute artists and peanut butter and banana treats in one superstar swoop on Thursday, Jan. 8, the very date of Mr. Presley's birth. 

    The live tribute performance in honor of The King? That's on at the store from 7 to 8 p.m. on the 8th.

    The special flavor, which will be on for all of January? Well, you betcha, banana and peanut butter are main ingredients. But the whole sweet story is more complex: Think "homemade blackberry orange jam swirled into banana pudding ice cream with homemade peanut butter-bacon butterfingers."

    We never met Elvis, but sure the performer would approve of such a razzle-dazzle delight. This ice cream is, in fact, the sugary equivalent of the white sequin-covered jumpsuit.

    If you want to do two go-outs in honor of The King, Tiki No will also celebrate the singer's legacy on Jan. 8 with a night of themed drinks and a lookalike contest (come as either Elvis or Priscilla Presley to participate).

    Want to do three things? Make for Palm Springs on Jan. 10, where the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway will welcome friends o' Elvis, host tours, and roll out a big birthday cake.