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May in January: Ren Faire Sale

Nab discounted tickets to the joustiest frolic in all the land.



    May in January: Ren Faire Sale
    Ren Faire
    Get over a third off an adult ticket to the springtime Ren Faire. Sale ends on Sunday, Jan. 5.

    A Southern California New Year's week is festooned with many things. Roses? Yep. Big floats covered in roses and/or other products of nature? Famously. Sunshine? That, quite often. Theme parks keeping the Christmas thing going for a bit longer? For sure.

    But add to that list a breath of springtime, or, more accurately, the breath of a jouster's horse. Because the first week of the year is all about anticipating one of the biggest, breech-wearingest parts of a SoCal spring.

    Tickets for the Original Renaissance Faire are on sale, through Sunday, Jan. 5, and they're definitely snap-up-able, given the fact that an adult ticket is 35% the usual price. That means it is $18, good stuff, and consider this: For many people, the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area affair is an every-single-weekend-thing during its six-or-so-weekend run.

    Make that seven weekend: It opens on Saturday, April 5 and wraps on Sunday, May 18.

    Not only do regulars go every day while the Ren Faire sprawls over a good chunk of the Irwindale destination, but they, too, show in ye-olde-costumes, the better to have Tea with the Queen -- a separately ticketed to-do -- and participate in various japes and merriments.

    Call it an occasion for walking into history, with a strong twist of fan fiction and all-out whimsy.

    Nab those tickets now, and look forward to it for three months. Wait -- is April just three months away? That's practically here, in our larger-picture-of-the-year book.