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National Tour Kick-Off: "Matilda The Musical" in LA

The Broadway bon bon will start its big jaunt at the Ahmanson.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    "Matilda The Musical" will be a part of the Center Theatre Group/Ahmanson Theatre's 2014-2015 season and will be presented in May-July 2015. Contact: (213) 972-7376 Photo by Joan Marcus Genre: Musical Cast List: Bertie Carvel Sophia Gennusa Oona Laurence Bailey Ryon Milly Shapiro Lesli Margherita Gabriel Ebert Lauren Ward Karen Aldridge Ted Wilson Frenie Acoba Erica Barnett Judah Bellamy Jack Broderick Ava DeMary John Arthur Greene Emma Howard Nadine Isenegger Colin Israel Thayne Jasperson Luke Mannikus Madilyn Morrow Sawyer Nunes Jared Parker Celia Mei Rubin John Sanders Tamika Sonja Lawrence Philip Spaeth Ryan Steele Betsy Struxness Samantha Sturm Heather Tepe Ben Thompson Clay Thomson Taylor Trensch Beatrice Tulchin Production Credits: Matthew Warchus (Direction) Peter Darling (Choreography) Rob Howell (Set and Costume Design) Hugh Vanstone (Lighting Design) Simon Baker (Sound Design) Christopher Nightingale (Additional Music and Musical Supervision) Other Credits: Lyrics by: Tim Minchin Music by: Tim Minchin Book by: Dennis Kelly, based on the Roald Dahl novel

    Magical children? Tots who possess powers unknown to their parents or unappreciated by the world at large? Little ones who are able to levitate toys or turn practically any dish into pudding?

    It's a theme in children's literature, and entertainment at large, but author Roald Dahl was the prickly king of acerbic wit and unforgivingly funny high jinks in the popular genre. Mr. Dahl, who passed away in 1990, was famously kid-glove-less when it came to the treatment of kid life -- hi, Charlie Bucket and the young denizens of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" -- and he held clever characters like his own Matilda in much regard.

    Ah, Matilda. She of the magical powers and mirthful, and at times lightly menacing, outlook. Her smarts have beguiled Broadway over the several months -- "Matilda The Musical" is the hit -- and now she and her school chums will take to the road in a national tour.

    And the Ahmanson shall be stop number one on the tour, beginning in May of 2015.

    It's a good spot to kick-off the tour, given that our city has seen some fictional wizardry of the kiddish sort over the years. As for the timing? May to July? "Matilda The Musical" has an academic setting, so call it a treat for students wrapping up their own school years.

    The song-filled sweet bowed first in London, as is perfectly perfect. Tony winner Matthew Warchus is in the director's chair, Dennis Kelly is behind the book, and Tim Minchin was on lyrics duty.

    "Matilda The Musical" picked up four Tonys of its own in 2013.

    Shows showing up in cities often include the tagline "for all ages!" in promotional materials, complete with exclamation point. This may or may not be a signifier that the story is a little soft and pablum-like, even watered-down.

    But one can trust that Roald Dahl's works are not a little soft, and come-uppance, score-settling, and the evening-out of playing fields have their humorous day. And thank goodness; children and adults enjoy a little flavorful vinegar in their sunny, everyone-wins tales, and Mr. Dahl practically owned the vinegar factory.

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