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Offbeat Grooves at the Silent Disco

Art, food, tunes: LACMA hosts another Muse 'til Midnight.



    Offbeat Grooves at the Silent Disco
    Silent Frisco
    Muse 'til Midnight brings art, food, and the "Silent Disco" to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Saturday, Aug. 24.

    The words "disco" and "silent" don't often appear in the same sentence together, much less the same concept.

    But count on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to do that merry mash-up thing they do so well. They're staging a Silent Disco of sorts on Saturday, Aug. 24 as a part of Muse 'til Midnight.

    You know Muse, yes? It's the LACMA group geared to members in their twenties, thirties, and forties. You know midnight, yes? It's the time of day when most museums have been long closed.

    LACMA's party, though, will be a-thumpin' right up against the witching hour, courtesy of open-late galleries -- the Hans Richter exhibit is a focus of the night -- and art workshops.

    The Silent Disco, though, will not be a-thumpin' in the traditional ways. Rather, guests will don headphones, headphones that will transmit KCRW DJs Jeremy Sole and Mario Cotto in one ear and San Francisco's own Motion Potion and Shouts! in the other. It's up to the listener to choose which sound they'll dance to (meaning that the dancers next to you could be moving to an entirely different beat).

    Food and drink are part of the night, too: Moroccan-spiced firm red tofu and chili-lime market fish skewers with grilled peach chutney will be for sale, but this is sweet: Your ticket in nabs you two drinks.

    Oh, and that ticket? Forty five bucks. Get ready to groove at the museum, silent disco dancer.

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