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On Sale: Halloween Horror Nights Tickets

Summer may be having its next-to-last gasp, but October's on the wind



    On Sale: Halloween Horror Nights Tickets
    Universal Studios Hollywood
    Tickets are now on sale for Halloween Horror Nights, the annual ghoul-tastic take-over of Universal Studios Hollywood.

    The people who happily geek out over Southern California's many spooky seasonal attractions aren't a candy corn a dozen. They all take a shine to specific parts of the whole, and few spectaculars offer up the weird variety of parts that has become a Halloween Horror Nights staple.

    Why? Well, the Universal Studios Hollywood event isn't merely about the mazes, which are special-effected out in impressive, you're-in-the-movie fashion. It's about the Terror Tram, a not-so-playful (but very entertaining) twist on the famous tram tours. And it's about the Scare Zones and Backlot Experience.

    You can indulge in all of those, then find your favorite area, over 21 select nights from Friday, Sept. 20 through Saturday, Nov. 2. Tickets are now sale.

    First up, this year's mazes: "The Walking Dead" is on there (yep, you'll be going through the series's prison in addition to "surrounding wilderness"). "Evil Dead: Book of the Dead" gets its own cabin-y outpost in the theme park, as does the Boogeyman-themed "El Cucuy." A Universal classic monster homage is also on the roster. And "Insidious" finishes the freaky maze run.

    But we're sweet on that backlot and the Terror Tram. Something about the darkness of the hilly area, and the moon, and the stars... it's chilling. It will be made all the more chilling this year by Walkers, those groany scarers who inhabit "The Walking Dead."

    There are a number of ticket choices, like front-of-the-line passes and the VIP experience, but if you're looking for a general, here's this info: Saturday, Sept. 28, to land on an eerie example, offers a $59 ticket, if you buy it online.

    Eek? Yep, you're feeling October, which, here in Southern California, runs from July, when the scare-actors audition for Halloween Horror Nights, through early November, when the whole creepy extravaganza wraps.

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