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Spend a Peaceful Evening in the Redwoods

The soul-sweet event helps the Redwood Parks Conservancy



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Redwood Parks Conservancy
    Call a quiet expression of the holiday season, and call it a wonderful way to both connect with the tall trees and help out the Redwood Parks Conservancy. The 2019 dates for 30th Annual Candlelight Walk Night are Friday, Dec. 6 and Saturday, Dec. 7.

    THE HOLIDAY SEASON... will twinkle, gleam, sparkle, glow, and shimmer, though not necessarily in that order. It really depends where you're at, and the nature of the seasonal celebration, and how bright the bulbs (and how many are present, too). But sometimes? It's nice to skip all of that and simply go for the gentlest of flickers, as in the flicker that comes from a candle. Such holiday happenings do occur, but finding a candle-oriented adventure in the outdoors is rather a more unusual pleasure. But it is one that has flickered fancifully in the redwoods for three decades now, as a beautiful fundraiser for the...

    REDWOOD PARKS CONSERVANCY: That's the organization that puts together the annual Candelight Walk Nights at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, and while the evenings do help to garner support for the redwoods-helping outfit, the walks are also full of gifts for those who buy a ticket. Why? Because you're out among the giants, on a late fall evening, enjoying that fresh forest air, the flicker of the lights lining your path, some birdsong, and the joy that comes from connecting with nature in the most month on the calendar.

    DEC. 6 AND 7... are the recently announced 2019 dates, and tickets go on sale in November. That's a Friday and Saturday, due note, so you'll want to plan your Prairie Creek jaunt accordingly. The walk itself? It's a pinch under a half mile, "on a level path," and, for sure, have a jacket or wearable items that feel right for the early part of December. Call it a quiet way to enter the hubbub of the end of the year, with a nature-nice element. And call it a tradition that endures, and flickers on, for these glorious, limb-rocking, sky-reaching, bird-housing titans of old.