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St. Pat's Treats: Whiskey-Infused Desserts

Eat something green and gorgeously flavored on March 17.



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    Napoleon's Macarons
    Eat something green and gorgeously flavored on March 17. Macarons, milkshakes, and Jameson Ice Cream are on the SoCal restaurant menu.

    If you were selected as a contestant on a game show, and you had to name something edible that's green, and you had three seconds to answer, you might correctly resort to "broccoli" or "avocado" or "key limes" or the like.

    But if you answered with Whiskey Chocolate Macarons, you would not be incorrect (though the host might need to hit the pause button to research your answer further). Treats and snacks and sweets take on a distinctive emerald hue around March 17, and whether your dessert is the color of shamrocks, or simply has the kick of a made-in-Ireland liquor, you can find your fun holiday eats at shops and restaurants around Southern California.

    So who's on the erin-go-bragh-y bite train for the 2015 St. Patrick's Day celebrations? Point your shillelagh towards...

    Napoléon's Macarons: We'll just leave this description right here, on your cookie plate -- "whiskey-infused milk chocolate ganache surrounding pieces of dark chocolate" -- and assure you that if you need a green thing to take to your St. Pat's bash, this is green. Well, the almond cookies keeping all of that ganache in are green and yellow. You're good. Find the treat at a trio of SoCal spots, including the Americana at Brand in Glendale.

    Irish Breakfast Milkshake: Coolhaus, the by-truck (and in Culver City and Pasadena, brick-and-mortar-like) ice cream shop, is known for its stacked-high cookies-plus-cold-stuff treats, but this is a straight-up milkshake with a holiday twist: The inclusion of Lucky Charms. And the ice cream used in the shake? Why, you'll taste some whiskey going on, yes you will. The Coolhausians recommend it with Maple Flapjack cookies blended in, to complete the breakfasty vibe.

    Preux & Proper: The downtown NOLA-esque joint summons the flavors of Louisiana, so think Bourbon Street as you tuck into a slice of Pecan Pie that arrives complete with a scoop of Jameson ice cream. Or will you just eat that scoop first, before getting to the pie? That's fine -- St. Patrick's Day is one of the most mirthful of holidays, so there's no need to get too overthink about your holiday sweet intake.

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